Home Improvements & Renovations – Dartford, Kent

At Absolute Building Contractors, most of our work comes to us by recommendation because people know they can always trust our expertise. Based in Dartford, Kent, our building contractors perform a variety of house repairs, including those that are part of an insurance claim.

Insurance-Related Repairs

Much of our repairs involve insurance work, and we offer a wide range of services to accommodate all types of home repairs. Roofing issues are a common problem that results from inclement weather or wear and tear over time.

  • We will replace any type of tiling or other roofing material that has blown away during a storm.
  • Repairing walls that have suffered fire damage, or were knocked over by a car is a surprisingly fast and affordable repair.
  • Other types of work we do include flood damage repairs and damp-proofing services.

We deal directly with insurance companies, and will provide them with a quote for the necessary repairs.