Hip To Gable Conversions

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Hip-to-gable conversions consist of transforming the sloped side of a rooftop, commonly known as hipped, into a fully standing vertical gable wall.

Doing this creates space inside the conversion which is of equal level to the ceiling space on the inside Owning a property with a sloping rooftop means that you’ll have less space available to you inside the attic/loft. Converting the hipped roof into a gable one, gives you a more open plan surface area, granting you more access to your floor space. This also allows you to be more practical with your space, allowing you to put tall items, like bookshelves or wardrobes against the walls.

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Suitable properties can include; terraced, detached, semi-detached and bungalows. These properties all have suitable rooftops as they all have hip end rooftops. This also, however, means that mid-terraced houses aren’t able to warrant this kind of loft extension, as they do not always have a sloped/hipped rooftop.


If you’re looking to increase the size of your loft, then this is definitely a loft conversion you should look into. A well done hip-to-gable conversion can easily increase the size of your attic to almost double the size it normally is. A change like this can even make your house look much bigger than it already is.

Loft conversions can be quite pricey, and a hip-to-gable conversion cost can be quite high, properties with loft conversions actually have a higher property value, as the space that was once storage, has now been converted into a fully functional room, which increases the amount of actual living space in the house. It’s a common misconception that the money you invest into the property becomes a sunk cost when/if you decide to resale the house, but on most occasions, this is not the case.

This type of attic conversion gives you great a great platform to express any loft design ideas you may have. Its open plan nature makes your loft an ideal location to potentially install a bedroom, bathroom or even a library.


Hip-and-gable cost tends to vary depending on various factors, such as house size, type of conversion you are after, the size of the extension etc. If you get in touch with is, however, we will be able to give you a quote, so we can make your dream home a reality.

Under the new permitted development rights, it is no longer required to obtain planning permission to get this kind of loft extension. This change has created a lot of popularity around the hip-to-gable conversion since the change. If you’re trying to increase the practicality of your loft space, this is the conversion for you.

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